Our story

One evening Trey was sitting around the table, playing poker with the boys when his brother-in-law suggested they try something different and make beer one weekend.  The boys decided to call themselves the Four Fat Men (4FM) Homebrew Club and gathered at Erin and Trey's for a BBQ/Brewday to celebrate Trey's birthday.  That first beer (a coffee stout) was so bad they poured it out.  The second beer (a brown porter) was only a little better, but it was good enough.  Trey was hooked and began absorbing and learning everything he could about this new hobby that quickly became a passion. 

Fast forward a few years, and Trey was diagnosed with Colon Cancer.  Surgery successfully removed the tumor.  While he sat in the chair receiving his first chemo treatment, he turned to Erin and told her he wanted to open a brewery.  "life is too short, I have to do something with it.  I want to do something for us, for our family."

Carrying around the chemo pump in a fanny pack, Trey and Erin met with Decatur city officials and took a guided tour of the city trying to scout locations.  They both noticed one building in particular they thought would be perfect. 

Fast forward a few more years and they have crafted their brewery in that same building.  It was a long and challenging road to get to this point, but Erin and Trey have realized their dream, and they can't wait to share it with you.




Trey Atwood

Trey is the one that came up with this bright idea.  Founder, Owner, Entrepreneur, Brewer, Jack-of-All, Dad, pick a title...


Erin Atwood

Erin is the one that let Trey come up with this bright idea.  She's also our Operation's Manager and generally considered the HBIC.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where did you get the name?

Our name is a nod to British beer culture and their formula for naming pubs like The White Lion, The Drunken Duck, or The Green Harpy.  There are multiple members of the Atwood household who are in love with owls, so that part of the name was an easy choice.  “Cross-Eyed” seemed a good fit to give us the fun, whimsical, light-hearted name we were looking for. 

What kind of beer do you have?

All kinds!  Our brewers love all beer and our Core and Year-Round offerings cover a wide spectrum of styles.  Our small batch and seasonal offerings will provide even more variety and choice.  

Can you drink in the taproom?

Yes.  We have a bar area with seating and games as well as our beautiful beer garden.  We hope you’ll swing by and have a pint of the freshest craft beer you can buy.

Is there food?

We do not have a kitchen, but you are welcome to bring food into the taproom with you.  We also frequently have food trucks on site. You can always check the events page to be sure.

Can I bring my kids?  What about four-legged friends?

Please!  We love kids and pets and they are both welcome.  However, we do ask that four-legged friends hang out with you in the beer garden.

Where can I find your beer?

You should be able to find us on tap at most area restaurants and growler shops.  We are also distributing canned beer to your local area supermarkets, craft beer stores, and any where else that carries good craft beer. If you can’t find us at your favorite spot, be sure to ask for us! We distribute throughout the entire state of Alabama, and Chattanooga, TN.

Can I take some beer home?

Absolutely.  The State of Alabama allows us to sell an individual up to 288 oz. per day for off-site consumption.  This means we are more than happy to top off a few growlers for you to take home and enjoy. 


Got a question we didn't answer?  Please send us an email, we'd love to hear from you.