Cream ale

5.0% ABV, 15.3 IBU, 2.8 SRM – Cream Ale is a classic American Style that was very popular before prohibition.  This crisp refreshing “lawnmower” beer is a perfect brew for that hot summer day.  Flaked corn is added to impart that creamy flavor. This is a pale, dry and balanced ale.

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India Pale Lager

5.4%ABV, 60.0 IBU, 9.1 SRM - This India Pale Lager (IPL) provides a smooth malty finish balanced with rich, complex hop aromas and flavors, without being overly bitter or strong. It is a blending of the IPA and German Lager styles. This is a medium colored, balanced lager with a distinct and enjoyable hoppiness.


Black ale

6.0% ABV, 45.4 IBU, 39.4 SRM – Our Black Ale is what we call a non-standard American Stout.  It has a distinctly roasted flavor typical to most stouts and some porters.  It is an extremely smooth offering that drinks effortlessly and lends itself to another round.  This is a dark, malty, and slightly sweet ale.



6.0% ABV, 57.3 IBU, 7.4 SRM – India Pale Ales (IPA) were initially developed at the behest of the East India Company as an export to India, and other far flung ports of call.  The added hops acts as a preservative. Our IPA has a pronounced citrus aroma and flavor. A lighter color ale with a dry and bitter finish.



5.0% ABV, 32.7 IBU, 24.1 SRM – Ever had one of those nights?  Well, neither have we… no seriously…  why don’t you believe us? Our Brown Porter is a dark and complex combination of malt flavors.  Sweet, toasty, and nutty with no noticeable hops.

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5.5% ABV, 26.7 IBU, 14.7 SRM – Dragoons were cavalrymen who were a staple of the British Army in the 17th and 18th centuries.  Similarly, our Red Ale is a staple of our beer lineup (and the red color makes us think of British Army Redcoats).  A beautifully simple ale with a deep red color and an easy drinking balanced flavor.



5.5% ABV, 26.7 IBU, 14.7 SRM - German immigrants brought their beer making talents with them to Mexico in the late 19th century. That's also why a lot of Mexican music sounds like polka... This lager has moderate color, a malt forward flavor and finishes dry. The yeast gives that unique "South of the Border" flavor... Prost! Salud! Cheers!


7.5% ABV, 45.4 IBU, 39.4 SRM –  Our small batch October Seasonal isn’t going to last long.  This roasty stout is brimming with Pumpkin Spice goodness. Drinking this beer might contribute to the onset of fall, cooler temperatures, and the leaves changing color.  It can’t be just a coincidence...

Big Britches Double IPA

7.4% ABV, 119.1 IBU, 6.8 SRM –  Double IPAs have a higher ABV, which allows for a stronger dose of hops to balance the heavy alcohol.  You’re welcome. This beer is light in color, has a higher ABV than most IPAs, and has an aggressive hop punch from the Citra hops we use to brew it.

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10.4% ABV, 67.7 IBU, 67.5 SRM –  Renounce the light, a new life make, black as night, your thirst will slake…  Russian Imperial Stouts are actually a style of English Stout created in 1698 for Emperor Peter the Great of Russia because he fell in love with English beer during his visit to London.   Our RIS is complex and dark with rich flavor notes, a balancing dose of hops and packs a serious punch at 10.4%.


4.7% ABV, 5.9 IBU, 3.0 SRM –  Pronounced (Goes-uh).  This style of sour wheat beer originated in the German town of Goslar and is traditionally brewed with a 50% wheat grain bill, coriander and salt additives.  We also threw in a bit of Chamomile to make a true thirst quencher for those hot summer days. Murloc is a light, salty, spiced beer with a pronounced sourness.


5.8% ABV, 37.3 IBU, 14.6 SRM –  This red lager has a solid malty backbone that is balanced with a solid punch of bitterness.  The combination gives a pleasantly refreshing crispness to this beer. It makes us want to watch football, in the fall, while eating Turkey leftovers and pie