1st Canning Day (8/31/18)

Today was our first canning day.  Thanks to our staff and volunteers for rolling up their sleeves and helping on the assembly line.  Also a big thanks to all the great help from our mobile canning partner, Iron Heart Canning.  We packaged the Cream Ale and Lechuza Mexican Lager today.  Our distributor has made a deal with Publix stores throughout the state and you should start seeing us on shelves there by mid-September.  We're totally stoked to share our beer with you in these awesome cans!  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. 

Construction Update: Week 35

If you've driven by in the last few days you probably noticed the beer garden fence.  You also might have noticed a fresh crop of picnic tables have grown in our beer garden.  Inside the brewery we've got our production in full swing and we're trying to get all the little things done in the taproom to be ready to open.  Luckily, we're in the home stretch and we can't wait to share a beer with everyone.  Cheers!!

Construction Update: Week 28

We're so close we can almost taste it.  We've got some major updates this week.  Foremost, the large brewhouse is on site and we have a couple of our medium tanks.  The first absolutely gorgeous piece of backbar cabinetry was installed, which allowed us to put the draft system together.  We also put some amenities in the fully functional bathrooms (like TP holders and mirrors...).  Have you noticed the lettering going up on the exterior yet?  New trap door above cooler, fresh paint on previously unpainted surfaces and lots more.  It's starting to look like a brewery around here!