Construction Update: Week 11

We have a smattering of updates this week.  First and foremost, the cooler is installed.  We won't hook the condenser up until later though.  The freight elevator was delivered this week.  We won't be installing it for a few weeks yet, but its good to have it on site.  We've also finished reinforcing the old windows on the second story.  That's new steel and flashing framing those windows.  Looking sharp!!

Construction Update: Week 10

This week was HUGE!  The most evident change is that our windows now have actual glass, and it's beautiful.  We also have doors on all 5 entrances, so you're going to need to pre-arrange any future brewery tours.  You can see some drywall is up on the bathroom as we try to final a couple surfaces before the freight lift installation.  There's also a ton of electric infrastructure work going on as the electricians try to get us ready to hook up.  But just as exciting as having windows, the cooler is being installed!  The guys should have the install finished in a few days so we'll be sure to post finished cooler pics next week.  Cheers!! 

Construction Update: Week 9

It's the end of week 9 and we are seeing some new plumbing in the bathrooms.  It is also evident that the electrician has started laying conduit and receptacles.  The floor under the cooler has been ground and cleaned in preparation for the cooler install next week.  We also now have the door and window frames installed for both the beer garden doors.  Can't wait to see next week's pictures!!

Construction Update: Week 7

We're moving right along.  Lots of visible progress this week.  The new window and door frames are up across the front of the building.  The sub-slab plumbing has all been laid and concrete has been put back on top of it.  We've also got a new (much safer) set of stairs.  And almost all the plaster is gone so we can see the old brick underneath...  Things are looking great!!

Construction Update: Week 5

Exciting Stuff this week!!  We've got our building permits to start putting things back together after the holiday this weekend.  Also the concrete floor has been cut and dug up to allow us to lay all the necessary plumbing.  Most noticeable is the hole where they dug out the floor just to put back a new one...  but the new one will be sloped to make drainage easier.  Cheers!