Construction Update: Week 20

There is a lot going on these days.  But it's going to be hard to show it all to you this week because the building is wrapped up like some kind of holiday gift.  The painters have everything covered as they prime the ceiling and get ready to paint.  We had the grinder give the floor a once over as we prepare to seal it as well.  Oh!  And we have runners on our stairs now!  After 20 weeks, it's amazing how excited we are about stairs...

Construction Update: Week 19

NEW ROOF!!  We are very excited about our new PVC membrane roof.  It's a much needed upgrade for this old building, and should serve us well for years to come.  Also this week, the painters have primed the drywall and sealed the exposed brick.  The walls are significantly improved over what they looked like just last week.  The sprinkler system is pressure tested and complete as well. 

Construction Update: Week 18

The major update this week is the sprinkler system.  As you can see, the sprinkler heads and valve tree have been installed downstairs and we're working to finish all the pipe runs upstairs.  Our CO2 vendor has been by and finished installing the CO2 supply lines throughout the production floor.  We're also prepping for a new roof that's going to be installed next week.  Here's a "before" shot of the roof to compare with next week's "after" shot.  Lots going on, Cheers!!

Construction Update: Week 16

We've got some big updates this week.  If you drove by the brewery on Thursday, you might have seen a big crane boom next to the building.  Thursday was "crane" day where we got everything up onto the roof that needed to go.  The crane also helped us to get the freight lift put in place.  We've now got our glycol chiller, cooler condenser, and 7 new HVAC units placed on the roof.  Aside from crane work, the drywall is all hung and in the process of being taped and trimmed.  Oh yeah, and the HVAC ducts have been hung.  Cheers!!

Construction Update: Week 15

Rock'n and Rollin' this week.  Our glycol system arrived on Friday and is ready to go up on the roof next week.  We've also got walls!  The drywall is nearly complete, which makes it that much easier to envision the final space.  The lights upstairs are installed and functional.  The new water main has been run from the street into the building.  That means we should get our sprinkler system installed pretty soon.  We've also cut a curb into the roof of the second floor as we prepare for the freight lift install next week.  Big things are happening...

Construction Update: Week 12

HALFWAY!  Theoretically, at least.  We seem to be on schedule still (*knock on wood).  This week we can see that the HVAC install has started and they've got all the blowers hung.  I'm told the vents are still a couple weeks out though.  We've also began running our main CO2 lines and we have our CO2 tanks (empty at this point) on site.  You might have noticed 1st AVE was shutdown this week.  That's our fault...  Sorry, not sorry!  DU was tapping the water main and installing the new service meter for our sprinkler system and regular usage.